Our packaging philosophy

Our packaging philosophy is to keep it simple, environmentally friendly and optimize for the product's unique formula and texture. 

Our cleanser and moisturizer packaging were designed to be simple, clean and functional. We didn't want any loose caps since we know we've dropped and/or lost a cap during our lifetimes, so the packages can be open or closed with one hand. We used clear, easy-to-read modern font in black, so you know what product you're using. All of our packaging is recyclable. 

For the cleanser, we used a plastic tube with a cap that can be opened with one hand. Since the cleanser will be in moist environments, the plastic tube was the most functional and economical choice to preserve and protect the product from external elements. We applied a matte white finish for a smooth, velvety texture that feels nice to touch and grab.

Our moisturizer uses an airless pump container. We were frustrated with the traditional pump container because you can never finish 100% of the product. Also, traditional pump containers will always expose some of the product to air, water or anything else floating around. Airless containers limits the product's exposure to the external elements which allows us to use less preservatives. In addition, our customers can use all of the available product and never have to worry about the remaining bits of product left at the bottom. 

Fun fact: Andrew and I spent an entire week discussing which gray tone we would use for our initial packaging and boxes. Originally, we talked about a matte silver, but the color had a little bit too much sheen. We scoured through the paint aisles at our local hardware store and perused through the Pantone book. We finally landed on the Cool Gray 7 which had a slight blue undertone. When we saw the packaging sample, we knew the minimalist understated tone would be the right accent color for our brand.

Thanks for reading! Let us know if you have any questions and feedback about our products on hello@evenpri.me.