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Why We Love Airless Packaging

  • 3 min read

Why We Love Airless Packaging

When it comes to product development, there are tons of hard decisions that go into making the perfect product. While perfecting the formulas of our products is our number one priority, making our packaging as sustainable, high quality, and aesthetic (you did think we’d leave that out did you?) as possible is also at the top of our list. If you follow us on instagram@evenprimeandco you're probably no stranger to our community-first decision making process. We make our decision making process a lot easier by posting various polls and q&a’s on our Instagram stories for you guys to make the decision for us! Involving you guys in that process doesn’t only help us understand what you want, but educates you on what goes behind making a product. If you missed our product development process for our newHypernova Eye Serumyou're in luck because we are going to take you through why we chose airless packaging for the serum and are changing ourDaily Moisturizer packaging to airless as well.


Why Not Glass?


Glass Jars are highly popular in the skincare community for their look and high quality feel but there are a few things that held us back from using it for our eye serum. Although glass is natural, recyclable, and reusable it's important to note its disadvantage on the environment.


Manufacturing glass is a process that consumes a high amount of energy. The heat needed to produce and shape it is not good for the environment. Also the weight of glass is heavy which although it feels more luxurious it means more trips for delivery are needed to ship the same amount of product as lets say aluminum packaging. At Evenprime we want to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible so this turned us away from the glass jar packaging.


Airless pump


If you're someone whose number one biggest pet peeve is not being able to get the last drop of product out of its packaging, you're going to love the airless pump. This packaging works by creating a vacuum suction within the bottle, when you click for more product, the small disk at the bottom will push the product upwards. It’s important to note that when you first get your product with an airless pump you're going to have to click about 15 times to create the pressure that will push the disk up thus dispensing your product. So no, don’t give up, keep clicking.


Another benefit of the airless pump is no oxidation happens. Oxidation is when a product combines with oxygen, which is something you don’t want to happen within the bottle since it can compromise the longevity of the formula. Airless pumps completely negate this concern by not allowing the backflow of oxygen into the bottle. This is due to a very tiny hole at the bottom. Instead of air coming back into the nozzle, air will enter under the disk and push the product up without mixing with it.


Finally, and most importantly, airless pumps are recyclable!


Our Decision


We finally decided on the airless pump as it pushes the importance of longevity. This means you not only get the most out of your money, but we can lower our carbon footprint by shipping less than we would have if the product didn’t last as long. It being recyclable surely made us more happy to choose it, but you can expect that from all our packaging!