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Why Point of Pride?

  • 1 min read

Why Point of Pride?

Our goal at EVENPRIME is to make sure all celestial beings are comfortable in the skin they’re in. This summer, we’ll be partnering with Point of Pride to support this goal. Point of Pride works to benefit trans people in need through gender-affirming support programs that empower them to live authentically.

At EVENPRIME, we felt that this was the perfect opportunity to partner and celebrate Pride with this year. Gender-affirming support programs at Point of Pride allow trans people to find financial support for those who want to use hormones, medically transition, have electrolysis treatments done to remove unwanted hair, or use gender-affirming clothing to express their true gender as opposed to their gender assigned at birth. These support programs can be found on their website at

EVENPRIME’s will donate $2 for every order completed from now until August 31, 2021. Each order that is made regardless of its total will allow a trans person to have the shipping covered for their gender-affirming clothing, every ten orders that are placed will allow for that clothing to be purchased and shipped, and every five hundred orders that are placed will allow for one person to get 8-12 treatments of permanent hair removal.

Our goal is to donate a total of 250 gender-affirming clothing to Point of Pride by the end of the summer (estimated donation amounting to $5000). Let’s support a world where all celestial beings can live authentically.