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You already know that moisturizer is important, and something you should be doing. But still you think, "I don't like the feeling!" "I'm worried it's going to make me break out!" It may seem counterintuitive to slather something on your face, but proper hydration is an important part of controlling oil and maintaining healthy skin.

So don't miss out! The honest trick to getting great looking, healthy skin is balancing the production of sebum. If you wash daily with a cleanser but skip the moisturizer, your skin may start overproducing oil making your skin feel/appear worse. Cheap moisturizers or moisturizers that contain a lot of essential oils could also clog pores causing acne and inflammation.

Enter Our Daily Moisturizer – formulated to make sure your skin is balanced just right.

Like our Gel Cleanser, we went through a similar process of gathering feedback from customers. Similarly, we wanted to make sure we were using the best ingredients we had access to. The skincare industry, especially in Korea, moves and evolves quickly, so we wanted to make sure everyone has access to proven, cutting-edge ingredients and formulas.

So we're excited to introduce the next version of our ultralight daily moisturizer. Designed to hydrate sensitive skin, while helping control excess oil and protect against environmental aggressors.

Here's What’s Different

Revamped Ingredients to Soothe Skin / Reduce Pore Size.

Out of our original product line, the moisturizer achieved the biggest upgrade. Because many of our customers shared concerns about pore size, pollution damage, sensitive skin, and inflammation – we packed in more beneficial, skin-soothing ingredients like Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Centella Asiatica, Sea Buckthorn, Kakadu Plum, Niacinimide and Panthenol.

We also decided to remove sensitizing ingredients like essential oils, ethyl alcohol, and Disodium EDTA. We also worked hard to ensure the formula feels ultra light, absorbs quickly, and has a texture everyone will love.

Portable, Eco-Friendly Packaging.

We, like you, hate refilling or fussing with travel tubes, and as skin experts have learned that switching up routines quickly (without time for your skin to adjust) can lead to clogged pores. To solve this issue, we made our packaging more portable so you can easily grab-it-and-go. Just toss in your suitcase or gymbag – all of our products are TSA-friendly. Smaller packaging size also means less preservatives, better pricing, and a reduced carbon footprint.

What Didn't Change?

  • Simple, no-nonsense formulas using only clean, ethical (vegan) ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types – can be used by (or shared with) any race, gender or celestial being
  • Proudly developed in Korea, the global epicenter of skincare innovation
  • Commitment to protecting our planet with recyclable packaging and partnership with 1% for the Planet