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The holiday season brings out the best and the worst in us. Holiday travel — especially via airplane — can leave us feeling stressed and tired which can lead to unwanted breakouts. So, why do we sometimes experience breakouts when we travel? And how do we combat it? 


Airplane acne — what causes it? 


Have you ever noticed once you step off an airplane your skin feels completely different than when you first boarded? Trust us, you’re not the only one. The extremely dry cabin air on airplanes is not your skin’s friend. Humidity levels whilst mid air can drop to almost 20 percent below normal levels — which is why your skin seems to beg for moisture almost immediately after takeoff. If you’re someone who already struggles with drier skin, flying can accelerate oil production in order to make up for the lost moisture – resulting in an oily but still dehydrated face after landing. 


Lack of moisture + Excess Oil Production = You guessed it — breakouts. 


Lower humidity levels on aircrafts can cause an overdrive of oil production which leads to unwanted breakouts. This oil tends to carry bacteria which is why the overproduction leads to spots and acne. The oil in question is called sebum—which is when skin’s natural oils combine with dead skin cells and form a plug that eventually clogs our pores. All types of acne—whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and pimples— are caused when pores have been clogged by sebum. As bacteria multiplies, a pore becomes inflamed—thus creating a red, irritated pimple.  Alongside excess oil production, being stuck in stale air for hours while traveling can cause bacteria to harbor within our skin, also promoting a breakout. 

An in-flight tip? Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water while flying (and maybe stay away from drinking alcohol...only for a few hours!) to keep your skin replenished for the duration of your flight. 


What can I do to prevent airplane acne? 


Simple steps like exfoliating the night before a flight, staying hydrated and avoiding eating sugar and dairy can all help prevent acne spots from popping up post flight. Don’t be afraid to reach for the jojoba or argan oil to nourish extra dry spots, put on a hydrating sleep mask during your in flight nap or come prepared with spot treatments formulated with tea tree oil or salicylic acid) for immediate treatment if needed. It’s important however to stick with your core skin routine — when traveling, bring products that your skin is already familiar with to help counteract any post-traveling flare ups. Conveniently enough, all EVENPRIME products are travel-friendly — so toss into your skincare bag and get ready to conquer the remainder of the holiday season.