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Barcelona-based artistPablo Thecuadro creates stunningly surreal mixed-media collages through the composition of hand-cut editorial fashion photography. The EVENPRIME team had been following Pablo's work for several years and was thrilled to collaborate with him for our second artist collaboration.


When we initially reached out to Pablo, we were happy to learn he too was a fan of our source inspiration—notably,Neon Genesis Evangelion (recently in the news when presidential candidate Marianne Williamson posteda rather cryptic meme from the series) andNier (a beautiful post-apocalyptic video game franchise with heavy Humanist themes—Elon Musk is apparently a fan).


We love how Pablo was able to tie this all back to his own abstract art style, while referencing notions like the duality of human beings (e.g. who we want to be versus who we are). It felt like the perfect path to explore for a Gen Z skincare brand.


Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us! Could you give our readers a little overview of your background?


I was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1992. As a young kid, I used to watch a lot of anime, like Card Captor Sakura and later more advanced shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion. I drew a lot back then too – inspired by the artwork [from these shows].


How did you get started in the arts? Do you come from an artistic family?


I'm actually the only artist in the family. ;-) As I grew older, my inspiration shifted from illustration to photography. After finishing high school, I pursued a degree in photography. I began to make collages during my last year of university. 


Where do you find inspiration?


Basically the internet. But also music, video games, TV series and movies.


What's a typical day look like for you?


First of all – I start with breakfast, followed by a little exercise (because I work at home, I need to move around and get outside). After that, I head to my studio and begin working on my collages. When I finish incorporating any notes or feedback from clients, I love to book in some personal time to play video games.


Pablo Thecuadro Collage Art for EVENPRIME


Can you tell us a bit about your collages for EVENPRIME?


I really enjoyed working on these – the models and photography were perfect, and I loved the sci-fi (anime/videogame) source material behind the brand.


What are your thoughts on a skincare brand with anime-inspired aesthetics


Sounds pretty original to me. I would definitely use your products because you're also vegan!!


Speaking of anime – any favorites?


I’m currently reading the Berserk manga – the artwork and storyline are both amazing. The last show I watched was Darling in the Franxx.Of course, my all time favorite series is Evangelion. Card Captor Sakura also has a special place in my heart.


Can you walk us through your favorite process for tackling a collage?


I make handmade and digital collages, so the process can be different. I prefer to work on handmade collages. I source the imagery from magazines and then all I have to do is cut the pictures out and play around with them. With the digital ones, I need images of a certain quality and size for the pictures to work.


Pablo Thecuadro Collage Art for EVENPRIME


You had mentioned you try to express the "duality of human beings" and "who we want to be versus who we are" in your art? Talk to us a little about this (we love how this sounds a bit like Nier: Automata).


I talk about that because in a collage we see a lot of faces, and we are like that. We are constantly growing and changing, we are different than yesterday, but also the same person at the same time. (I also recently completed Nier: Automata and wow, the feels).


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Do you have any parting advice for aspiring artists out there?


Thank you!! I would say: "Be Patient!" and send a lot of e-mails to everyone – show off your work!