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We all know that dreaded feeling of waking up  to see those little red monsters all over our face. Whether it's a surface level inflammation or it’s deeper, cystic acne, in a blink of an eye, something so small can shatter our confidence. However, before you begin to pick yourself apart and those pimples, consider embracing them! 


By simply sticking a hydrocolloid patch over a new blemish, you are able protect that pimple from the bacteria and dirt of your surrounding environment. This allows that zit to heal in a “sterile” environment and also prevents you from resorting to a skin-picking session. Instead of being left with scars and more breakouts, your skin can take the time it needs to peacefully recover. 


As a part of our acne positive vision, we introduce to you theHydrocolloid Blemish Patch- giving you 24 patches to protect your pimples from the outside and yourself! 


Is it safe for your skin? 


These hydrocolloid patches contain the natural ingredient Tea Tree Oil, which works to soothe irritated skin and reduce the possibility for scarring. Our 12mm patches are suitable for all skin types allowing you to get one step closer to achieving your summer glow. Beyond our quality-driven focus, we also wanted to tell a story with these patches. 


What is behind these purple stars? 


Unlike many acne patches in the market, our Blemish Patches are standout. Instead of a transparent sticker, our purple stars are likely to capture more attention. 


But why would anyone want to bring more awareness to their blemishes when they can hide it from the public eye? 


Because it’s finally time for us to stop letting our acne define our beauty. 


Whether you are sitting in the library or with a gathering of friends, wearing a visible blemish patch shouldn’t be symbolic of you having imperfect skin, but rather the journey you are embarking to achieving a confident glow. At EVENPRIME we want to encourage open discussions of our battles with acne and embracing your pimples with these stars (literally and figuratively) is the first step. As for why we chose to take on such a bold color….well it's more than just our brand image. In commemoration of Pride Month, purple is an important color for our founder, Koh Kim. As a proud bisexual woman, these purple stars are representative of the inclusive community we want to create here at EVENPRIME. We are all stars, no matter our race, gender, or sexual orientation. 


So, take a chance with these bold beauties, and soon enough you will be seeing less of those little red monsters and more of your radiant skin.