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Glass skin: I think this is just about everyone’s goal when it comes to skincare. I always see people approach those with glowing, even-toned skin and the question they always ask is “what’s your secret?” A youthful complexion is certainly sought after and people are constantly on the search to rewind appearances of aging.


Whether it’s dark spots or dark under eye circles, skin discoloration is a common problem and can be extremely frustrating when you can’t find a proper solution. One ingredient that you may not be familiar with is sea daffodil, a flower that grows in the Mediterranean and helps fight aging spots and dark pigments. This ingredient is commonly used within skincare products due to its gentle and hydrating benefits that help the skin reach a balanced state.


What Is Sea Daffodil? How does it work?


Sea daffodil, scientifically known as Pancratium maritimum, is a bulbous flower that blooms in the Mediterranean region. This plant grows on beaches and along coastal sand dunes.


The primary way that sea daffodil functions is by inhibiting the melanin transference to the skin that causes dark spots, whilst providing an abundance of moisture to the skin.


What Are Sea Daffodil Benefits For Skin?


Sea daffodil has a plethora of benefits to help you achieve hydrated skin with an even tone. This ingredient is known for its cell renewal and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps decrease dark circles around the eyes and decrease overall puffiness.


Additionally, sea daffodil hydrates but not feel too heavy for oily skin. Sea daffodil contains all of the benefits of aloe vera gel, including a soothing feeling, without the sticky feeling.


Is Sea Daffodil Safe?


Sea Daffodil is completely safe to use! This ingredient is commonly used within skincare products and poses no risks related to cancer, developmental toxicity, and no risks to allergies and immunotoxicity according to EWG, which rates skincare ingredients based on transparency and health. However, it is always important to test a patch of your skin before applying it all over the face to ensure that your skin does not react poorly.


Using Sea Daffodil In Your Skincare Routine


OurDaily Moisturizer is a great way to incorporate Sea Daffodil within your daily skincare routine. This moisturizer is lightweight and contains many other beneficial ingredients. Applying the Daily Moisturizer after cleansing the skin locks in hydration and fights aging spots thanks to the incorporation of Sea Daffodil.