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Eye Serum vs Eye Cream

  • 3 min read

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream

If there is one thing I cannot leave out of my makeup’s concealer. As someone who has naturally dark circles under my eyes, my college sleep schedule of 4 hours a night leaves me looking like a raccoon in the morning. For the longest time, I believed that there would be no direct solutions to my bad genetics, until I discovered the world of “eye serums” and “eye creams”. The magic of these have helped me transform my 4 hour sleep deprived look to at least a 6 hour sleepy face.


If you are like me, constantly trying to find a natural and safe skin-care solution to those eye bags, dark circles, sun spots, fine lines, and crows feet, eye creams and eye serums are MADE FOR YOU!


What are the Differences and Why do they matter?


Well, between the moisturizing benefits and nutritional values, eye serums and eyes creams have a lot in common, but the fundamental differences will help you decide which one you need. Here are some factors you need to consider.




While eye creams are thicker and heavy due to the high concentrations of oils and lower content of water, serums are the opposite. They are less vicious and include more watery components. This texture directly affects how it applies and the finish it offers for your skin.




Eye creams offer the skin surface level treatment. Due to the larger molecule size of the ingredients in creams, they are more often used to create a barrier on your skin so you can retain the maximum amount of moisture. On the other hand, serums are highly concentrated with many active ingredients (specifically known as bioactives) that have a smaller molecular size. The bioactives are meant to be fully absorbed in the skin allowing for quicker absorption and treatment to start below the epidermis. So if you are worried about those fine lines or wrinkles serums may be what you need!


Skin Type:


For eye creams, it generally matters what kind of skin you have, whether this is dry, oily, or a combination. So for me, who has severely oily skin in the summer, a cream would only make my skin a cesspool for grease. Serums on the other hand are suitable for all skin types.


Therefore, carefully consider YOUR skin's needs before complicating your skin care routine with too many products.


What Next?


Beyond just buying the right product, the application is just as important. The skin under your eye is some of the thinnest on the human body, so aggressively rubbing in product is not the way to go. With the different textures of serums and creams, the application between both is likewise unique.


Before you begin, remember to wash your face and dry off thoroughly. Then, with clean hands (!), carefully being the application.


For eye creams, begin to lightly rub in the cream into each crevice around your eye, while also avoiding irritation by getting too close to your eye. It will take around 15 minutes for the product to fully absorb so make sure to avoid anything that would disrupt the absorption process.


Eye serums require a small-pea size amount that you can pour into your palm. Then lightly tap the products around the eye area. This should only take 30-90 seconds to fully absorb before you are free to use another product.


What should I purchase?


It should be known that while eye creams are an option, it may not be the best choice if you are looking to reduce those dark circles, fight those fine lines/wrinkles, and plump your skin. Serums are far more effective in creating those long-term results.


So, if you are looking for the perfect solution, EVENPRIME has you covered! Our new Hypernova Eye Serum works to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness with an advanced blend of different active ingredients. Through peptides, Beta-Glucan, Artemisia, and Caffeine, it gives you a fragrance free finish to the delicate skin around your eyes.


Trust me, life has been a lot more manageable without my constant dependence on concealer. Say goodbye to those tired eyes and hello to a brighter face!