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A TikTok star and content creator, with a trademark for both storytelling and changing his hair color along with being a skincare fanatic. Tye Tun is someone we not only love as a creator but are so excited to have as our next #EPCrew Interview and hear about both his skincare experience and ideologies.


Tell us a little bit about how you got started with creating skincare and beauty content?


Originally when I started making content, I just simply like creating videos that were colorful and aesthetically pleasing. It wasn’t until I came across a skin care video. The person who created the video made the products look so beautiful against their skin and I thought “I want to do that”. So I tried it out and I ended up really liking the way the video came out.


How did you get started with your skin care routine?


 So before I started creating videos about skin care, I never had a skin care routine. I would literally wash my face with bar soap and call it a day. I know now that that was a horrible thing to do and I regret not getting into skin care sooner.


 After I graduated college, I noticed that I started to develop dry patches on my face and I hated them. They would get so dry sometimes that it would hurt. And I had no idea what to do for it until one day I came across a YouTube video. And the person in the video recommended all these different products for dry skin. I ended up purchasing some of the products and I found one that really worked for me. Since then I moved on from that product, but it is what started my skin care routine.


What is your skin care philosophy?


I say keep it simple. I genuinely think it can’t be good for your skin to have a million different products in your skin care routine. Having all those different products on your face, all doing different things at once, is probably doing more harm than good. Skin needs to breathe and I can’t when it’s covered in 100 different layers of product.


Tell us a little bit about your daily self-care routine?


My daily self-care routine consists of waking up and immediately doing my skin care. I get really oily so when I wake up my face is super shiny. So the first thing I do is cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face. Then after I do that I make myself a nice breakfast and I make sure that I have some sort of fruit every morning. I feel like my phone can be a huge distraction to me in the morning, so I like to keep it turned off until I’m ready to start my day. After my day is over, I’ll shower, do my skin care, and answer emails. And before I go to sleep I try to think positive thoughts to prepare myself for the next day.


Is there anything unique in your routine that is tailored towards your lifestyle?


I need something that is super moisturizing because I do get dry spots on my face, But I also need something that will control the oils in my face. So that can be a bit difficult. But recently I’ve been using the face moisturizer by Fenty Skin and so far so good.


What is the most important skin care advice you can give to your community?


There are a lot of companies out there that will trick you into buying their skin care by making them really pretty or shiny and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but ultimately their products aren’t that great. So the best advice I can give you is to do your research and know what ingredients are in your products.


What are some of your must-have skincare products?


 I religiously use the eye serum and the barrier serum from EVENPRIME everyday. These two products literally changed my life. The eye serum helps me eliminate the dark circles under my eyes so beautifully. And since I live in a city where the air quality isn’t that great, The barrier serum has been doing wonders for my skin. I am obsessed with these two products!


If you were on the deserted island and could only bring 3 things...what would those be and why?


When I get asked this question I always think of what I’ll need for survival LOL so I’ll have to say some sort of fishing net, A huge water resistant tent, And a water purifier. Those are probably lame items, but that’s honestly what I would bring with me.


As you know, EVENPRIME is inspired by 90s anime and gaming. What’s your favorite 90s anime or game? Favorite Character?


Sailor moon was my favorite anime growing up. I was obsessed with that show! Sailor moon was my favorite character and I wanted nothing more than to be her literally. I guess that’s kind of stereotypical since I’m a gay man.


Thank you to Tye for participating in this interview, we took so much from his responses and loved learning more about him. If you haven't already be sure to follow Tye's social medias: Instagram , TikTok , and Youtube